Flexcrypt Overview

Encrypt Text, Email, MSN and ICQ. Online or download our software

Flexcrypt is an encryption toolbox offering 5 encryption functions, encryption of: Text, Email, Files, ICQ and MSN.

  • TEXT encryption; paste encrypted text into any application, perfect for webmail users! It is possible to encrypt/decrypt text Online or using the Flexcrypt client software.
  • EMAIL encryption; easy to set up Automatic email encryption/decryption. Requires the sender and receiver to download the Flexcrypt client software. (Webmail users should use the Text encryption option).
  • FILE encryption; right-click on any file or folder in order to encrypt it. Good option for sending an encrypted attachment via Webmail. No software necessary to decrypt, click on the encrypted file and enter the correct password. Available Online and as part of the Flexcrypt client software.
  • MSN & ICQ encryption; automatic encryption of your MSN/ICQ communication. Requires sender and receiver to install Flexcrypt and add each other’s MSN/ICQ ID.

Flexcrypt is a robust solution providing encryption options for a wide variety of situations. Encryption is done with the strong AES 256 bit algorithm in combination with a password made up by the user. Hashing: SHA 256 and SHA 512

Always test Flexcrypt with non-critical data first!